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how to pierce your ear pt.2

Body jewelry

here is the part 2 (actual piercing) i would also like to note that yes this is in my bathroom lol i would never pierce a client in here but because tits me and it was just a demonstration kind of thing i went for ti plus it was 12am and i had to be quite 🙂

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  1. aionplayer123 says:

    @ampeg610 dude srsly wtf?my ear is full of blood am trying to put the piearce in the sec i do am bleeding=.=

  2. aionplayer123 says:

    am freaking trying but it hurst HOW DOSENT IT HURT U??

  3. wissem6 says:

    omg you didn’t even scream.. T.T i can’t do it, i’m such a chicken

  4. soldout99 says:

    Your voice is so calm I fell asleep watching this. I had been awake for 47 hours, but still.

  5. oddsito says:

    well imma just … burn it , freeze it , i’m to lazy to do all that :c dont care if i get an infection ;P

  6. oddsito says:

    @xlahoorah4 Daaaimn xD Best , comment Ever XD! hahahahah ,

  7. oddsito says:

    @xlahoorah4 Damn Best , comment Ever XD! hahahahah ,

  8. MrBrianmachine says:

    If u want a professional to pierce your ears without u getting an infection go to pagoda
    Better thn claires and its free if u buy any earings

  9. hollistergfire9 says:

    @ xxMISSYxx02 you cant use a sewing needle because the needle is smaller than a real actual hollow needle and so its hard to push throw the skin more and it hurts more and trust me i had expiernce, and theres more risk of infections.

  10. ampeg610 says:

    @XJkUnderX TRUST ME i looked everywhere for one of those no luck lol

  11. XJkUnderX says:

    @ampeg610 or just pierce when your sitting down with a mirror in front of you

  12. soccerloveer1 says:

    yo i give u props for being so professional about it, i would but the only place i know where they would do it right is Clair’s and they charge u, so i’m gonna go ahead and be an idiot and let my friend do it for me. Do u have some advice about prepping the needle and/or using ice to numb it cuz i heard that ice will infect but it makes no sense to me. So yeah man i’d really appreciate some advice from you.

  13. xxMISSYxx02 says:

    um so why should we not use a saftey pin 😛 like i know its a bad idea but its just you ear piercing

  14. swetchild7 says:

    Can I do this? 1. Put the earing and sewing needle in alcohol. 2. Put alcohol around me ear. 3. Numb it with ice. 4. Push it through. 5. Leave it in my ear for 30 secs. 6. Switch it with earing. Will that work? or Should I just go get it with a gun? Also which way would hurt more? Thanks

  15. 666lilnickY says:

    i tried to pierce my other ear at home and i must have hit a vein or something cuz it just started pouring blood everywhere.

  16. ampeg610 says:

    @flyfly4u those are just heat flashes or adrenaline rushes your body is in the “fight or flight” mode at this point where all your adrenaline is running and when it has no where to go your body just pretty much shuts down for a few seconds (fainting) its completely harmless although the actual fall can sometimes be dangerous I would you have a friend with you to either help you or at least catch you if you do faint. :0

  17. flyfly4u says:

    but, i get really hot and feel like im fainting…. any help?

  18. kalodio94 says:

    @ampeg610 u look more much younger

  19. max100and5 says:

    ohh my god take your damn hat off your going to get an infection

  20. ampeg610 says:

    @MrBambam1234 UMM yess it did take me about that long because I was showing a STEP by STEP kinda thing and if you knew anything about chemicals which im assuming you don’t you would know that “burning” a needle IS NOT STERILIZING it….also when you “burn” an needle it releases chemicals that can be harmful….try telling a shop to burn the needle and pierce you they will laugh at you just as I laugh when I seen your post 🙂 I don’t do piercings un-professionaly I take my practice serious thanks

  21. MrBambam1234 says:

    wow it take u bout 7 min to pierce yo ear wen it can take u ten min to heat up a needle.. numb a ear n poke it threw

  22. fenderalexmaster says:

    u shouldve goten a bigger gauge den du ring

  23. donthitthefan says:

    Hey were do u get the steralized needles

  24. koolkool524 says:

    @ampeg610 doesnt using fire also leave carbon residue that can cause cancer??

  25. 2liz23 says:

    hahaha lol i pierced my ear with a saftey pin yeterday sooo fa its fine

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