Body jewelry

Loveline 2004-10-19 Confusing Conversation

Body jewelry

Chick talks about her clitoral trunk piercing… or is it a hood piercing? Can’t be a hood because she’s from the beach.

7 responses to “Loveline 2004-10-19 Confusing Conversation”

  1. DaGanjaSamurai says:

    Hood of a car.

    Trunk of a car.

    Clit piercings.

    The ‘hood.

    Great stuff.

  2. schlafanzyk says:

    adam is like a hound for funny miscommunication

  3. thirtysilver says:

    The boot ‘n the bonnet!

  4. crocop0514 says:

    A Mother’s top priority should be her sexuality…forget about actually teaching your children anyhting about the world. Having an orgasm as you walk is a bigger accomplishment than having kids that graduate from a university.

  5. shea4y says:

    No this wasn’t clearly a prank call

  6. hillwereim says:

    wasn’t this clearly a prank call?

  7. wowz98 says:

    lol 5:40 “we all know she’s a great mom” i laughed out there

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