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Oyfn Pripetchik- yiddish song- Esther Ofarim

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All time favorite yiddish song. Music and Lyrics by Mark Warshawsky. Oyfn Pripetchik (written by Mark Warshavsky) אױפֿן פּריפּעטשיק Oyfn pripetchik brent a fayerl, un in shtub is heys. Un der rebe lernt kleyne kinderlakh dem alef-beyz. Zet zhe kinderlakh, gedenkt zhe, tayere, vos ir lernt do. Zogt zhe nokh a mol un take nokh a mol: “Komets-alef: o!” Lernt kinderlakh, lernt mit freyd, lernt dem alef-beyz. Gliklekh is der Yid, wos kent die toyre un dos alef-beyz. ENGLISH TRANSLATION: At the fireplace (Yiddish Translation) At the fireplace a little fire burns And in the room it’s warm. And the Rabbi teaches little children the aleph-bet See you children-dear, remember dear, what you’re learning here. Say once again, and then once again, “Komets-alef: o!” Children, learn with happiness, learn the aleph-bet. Lucky is the jew who knows the Torah. and the aleph-bet. Note: At the end of the video are TWO POLISH JEWS paintings. “‘Samuel Goldenburg and Schmuyle’ were two Polish Jews and were originally the subjects of two separate paintings by Victor Hartman. Mussorgorsky combined the essence of the two paintings into one movement, perhaps to emphasize a rich man/poor man contrast. Samuel Goldenburg, probably large, well dressed and rich, is represented by the first tune in the movement. Schmuyle on the other hand is represented by a piercing, troubled-sounding melody, making him ‘appear’ to be thin and poor.” MUSSOGORSKY : PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION. Mark Warshavsky Mark

25 responses to “Oyfn Pripetchik- yiddish song- Esther Ofarim”

  1. tsayad1986 says:


    So it wont distract from the music? Some people like to hear foreign words without knowing what they mean and if you do want to know i bet there is lyrics on the interwebz somewhere 😉


  2. antilarvas says:


  3. antilarvas says:


  4. HenrykaOdKleryka says:

    Thank you, I’ve been looking for this song since I heard it in concert of jewish music in Poland. Yiddish is awesome language, I’m happy to know that there is still a lot of people, who speak yiddish as the first language.

  5. Tyrsus says:

    Je m’associe au commentaire e vttcascade…en y ajoutant la foi. J’espère de tout coeur en une renaissance de la belle langue yiddish, et que toujours plus de Juifs et de de non Juifs le parleront….et pourront dire..
    “To, zog nit keynmol az du geyst dem letstn veg, mir zeynen do.”

  6. IsraelShine says:

    Beasutiful…just beautifuuuuul

  7. Starful21 says:

    @chaimdavid Thank YOU!
    I believe the main reason for antisemitism is envy. Jews have indeed contributed to the world a lot and continue to do so. When you are better than others, others envy you, hate you, and deep inside admire you and fear you. Jews are more industrious and more dedicated to the things they do, and that is why they are successful – but they don’t forbid the others to do the same! It’s all stupid envy and stupid hate.

  8. chaimdavid says:

    How wonderful to read your loving note; so much hatred is spewed against Jews in youtube comments;
    I don’t really get it; Jews have contributed so much to the world; Why so much hatred?
    But I was moved to read your note; and wanted to acknowledge it. Thanks so much

  9. albertdiner says:

    Thanks. Click below the screen and you will find the yiddish lyrics and a translation.

  10. mtoussieh says:

    WHHHHHYYYYY does someone post a video like this with NO lyrics? I mean thanks, but… !!!!! OUUUGH!!!

  11. Pimperkaatz says:

    This is beautiful!!! Thanks!

  12. bestecimsi says:

    omg the song is beautiful!!

  13. BytomGirl says:

    How I love this song…my very favorite of all Jewish songs… reminds me of my home in Poland, my Grandma who sang it to me while playing her guitar… it brings teras of sorrow that those times will never come back and will stay only in my memory.
    Beautiful video…thank you.

  14. christophleclerc14 says:

    reminds me of being younger and my mother would sing it to me, especially on Shabbat 🙂

  15. gladbag16 says:

    Brings back childhood memories of my Baba’s and Zaida’s…..
    One of my favorite Yiddish songs.

  16. gladbag16 says:

    Brings back childhood memories of my Baba’s and Zaida’s…..

  17. UllrePallson says:

    @TheBethany666 Why is it criticized?

    The religious believe themselves to be distinct from all other ethnicities and therefore ties to Europe are blasphemy; the non-religious have simply grown up speaking Modern Hebrew and don’t see the need for allowing Yiddish to be spoken. When immigrants leaving Europe in the 1940’s landed in Israel, they were forsaken because of their Judeo-Germanic languages. It’s a shame.

  18. thiagofloyd says:

    @mozes314 I’m an enthusiastic about languages, and I always had a curiosity about yiddish. Thank you! Thiago.

  19. mozes314 says:

    @thiagofloyd yiddihs is a language mainly based on German, but has a lot of infuences from Slavic and Hebrew. This language was spoken by a lot of Jewish people in Europe before WWII. There is also a difference between West jiddisch, more german and Ost jiddisch, more influance from the eastern European languages. Nowadays Jiddish is mostly spoken by the orthodox jews that see the Modern Hebrew, called Ivriet, to holy to speak in public ! Greets Aaron

  20. newpenny10 says:

    My mother who spoke read and wrote 4 different languages song this song. I couldn’t remember all the words so i sang the melody mostly to my children. Now I also send it to my grandson Jay and both my children Nicole and David.

  21. TheBethany666 says:

    @UllrePallson Why is that so?

  22. paulostroff99 says:

    Memories of so many happy days with my late mother and father. This was probably the first song ever sung to me by my loving mother.

  23. paulostroff99 says:

    @poitrenaud -And may he bless you too for your compassion and kindness.As a child my late mother used to sing this song in Yiddish to my two sisters and me.

  24. IsraelShine says:

    Shalom to all…….beautiful music

  25. excellentwindow says:

    my grandfather’s favorite piece of music on his 37th yahrzeit. still missing you pops.

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