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Ear Stretching: 5/8″ to 3/4″ AND 2G to 0G

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What’s this? Two different sized stretches in the same video?! That’s right! In this video I take on 5/8″ to 3/4″ AS WELL as finally tackling my 2G to 0G stretch. All plugs (not tapers) in this video were purchased from I will hopefully be doing some product reviews in the near future – I highly recommend them! ************************ Links! Ear Stretching FAIL Ear Stretching: 9/8″ to 5/8″ Ear Stretching: 7/16″ to 1/2″ Ear Stretching: 0G to 00G

25 responses to “Ear Stretching: 5/8″ to 3/4″ AND 2G to 0G”

  1. BenskyBen says:

    @LaLilbitiny Are you allowing plenty of time between stretches? That’s usually the cause of stubborn ears.

  2. LaLilbitiny says:


    wish MY ears were that easy.

  3. BenskyBen says:

    @samharrison14 I think $9 or something. But I used a %10 off discount card I got from them. 🙂

  4. samharrison14 says:

    How much did it cost you to ship from bodyjewelrysource to Australia?

  5. Alexisqueertube says:

    @BenskyBen yah if u had them healed up i dont thank they would hurt but playing that horn with them just pierced that would hurt but that would be cool lol my gf would freak if i did that lol

  6. BenskyBen says:

    @Alexisqueertube Aw man, I would so get snake bites and stretch them to like 2G or 0G if I wasn’t a horn player!

  7. Alexisqueertube says:

    @BenskyBen yah i have 2 normal holes in my ears and my 00g damb that does sound like it would hurt id be to scared to do it to idk if im going any bigger on my 00g hole but that would be cool a strtched conch i tryed streaching my snakes bits just yesterday to a size 14g it was one size up from what im at now an i couldent becase of the pain i was having lol but good luck dude! 🙂

  8. BenskyBen says:

    @Alexisqueertube Oh man, you have three on one? Envious! I’m thinking about stretching my conch on my left ear which has the 3/4″ and 0G, but I’m not sure about it yet. To be honest, I’m scared of it because it just seems like it would hurt so much!

  9. Alexisqueertube says:

    damb 2g to 0g for my first hole i allmost passed out id hate to streach my 3 hole that big im at a 00g now great videos dude!

  10. MissBelleee says:

    @BenskyBen I dno it just messed with my head how something so small would fit lol

    I am, but i am soo unpatient lol
    Yeah thanks so do i xD

  11. BenskyBen says:

    @MissBelleee Haha, why is that? :p And thanks!
    I remember when I first started stretching. About a year and a half ago. 🙂
    Just be patient! I cannot stress that enough. I know it’s really easy to not wait the two (minimum!) weeks in between stretches, or not wait for your ears to fully heal before stretching up, but you really really must!
    That being said, I hope your stretching adventures go well! 😀

  12. MissBelleee says:

    OMG NOOO i swear to get this was my face O_O at 0:52
    Awsome video thought!
    Im stretching my ears atm but i only just started so im at 2mm lol nothing compared to you

  13. BenskyBen says:

    @BriannaJayyy Thanks very much! =)

  14. BriannaJayyy says:

    Okay, and i subbed becus you’re pretty fucking awesome 😀

  15. BriannaJayyy says:

    Lmao, I liked this video cus of this part: 2:00

  16. BenskyBen says:

    @1CupofDirt1 Search for censor beep sound FX online. 🙂

  17. 1CupofDirt1 says:

    how do u bleep a video

  18. BenskyBen says:

    @deviantorthodox Haha, thanks. x)

  19. BenskyBen says:

    @hollywoodcandids Lolwhut.

  20. deviantorthodox says:

    LOL you’re so cute -3. ;3

  21. hollywoodcandids says:

    loved your pussy face hahaha made me lol

  22. rockstarskater says:

    @BenskyBen yeah 2-0 sucks, i think it was probably the most painful stretch for me

  23. BenskyBen says:

    @rockstarskater Well it hurt! :p

  24. rockstarskater says:

    “please dont hur- *around half way in* ooowww it hurts im not doing it now”, That made me lol

  25. BenskyBen says:

    @T0n3hFTW I know right! So much pain!

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