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Dermal Anchor Teardrops

Body jewelry

My trip to the piercing shop got a lil bloody….

25 responses to “Dermal Anchor Teardrops”

  1. dukiepoo666 says:

    need a better body mod artist bro, dude needs to shape up, looks good tho, just i bet it hurt like a goat raping

  2. RabbitHBMM says:

    was the piercer in training cause it took him AGES!

  3. jacquelinBiatch says:

    Omg , you really Bled. When i Got Mine done thank god i didnt bleed as Much.
    You Look Realllly Cute with it Though <3

  4. KaitlynnNaNa says:

    You look like Travie McCoy kind of.

  5. bopobopo2 says:

    nice and sanitary. street clothes and all…
    cuz I’m a freak bitch Baby!

  6. lilflippyta2062 says:

    dam it took her or him 4ever shit mines was done in 2min

  7. LaurenSuave says:

    @MurderFaceFucker dermal anchors are implants.they are better for spots that move like around the eye.thats why alot of anti eyebrow piercings reject, cuz ppls face always moves.oh and reject is your bodys way of getting rid of something that doesnt belong.

  8. MurderFaceFucker says:

    whats he difference between regular n dermal? surface piercings are regular piercings right? like your lips eyebrows i mean just pushing a needle through right? i normally do my own piercings my friend orders needles from me he dose tats and ive pierced a few ppl nose lips eyebrows pretty much it im really interested but i cant find a location to get a license at sp anyone know id like to know

  9. MurderFaceFucker says:

    wats the difference between dermal and regular teardrops… and what do people mean by reject

  10. pr3yingm4ntis says:

    whoever done this should be sacked,what a butcher,mine took 1 minute to do and hardly any blood plus the outcome looks odd dude hope you removed it in the end.and u wanna go somewhere else,name and shame this rookie.

  11. 2stepxsmash says:

    @klassclownzmuzik334 gotta have a big nigger nose

  12. PanthORandPonAY says:

    UM…….THIS GUY SUCKS. Mine took like ONE minute.

  13. Jay3ll388 says:

    uuuhhhh Second day on the job, buddy??? If you look at most of the other dermal videos they are 1;30-2 minutes AT MAX! Get a new piercer…

  14. missjosiejones says:

    fuck, thats a lot of blood 😐

  15. LaurenSuave says:

    @estrellacara it was 90 for 2 cuz i know him..but usually it would have been 90 apiece….and anti eyebrows usaully do to go with dermals in that spot…

  16. estrellacara says:

    how much was it ? iqot a regular anti ayebrow tearsdrops done but mi shit rejected .

  17. estrellacara says:

    how much was it ? iqot a regular anti ayebrow tearsdrops done but mi shit rejected .

  18. estrellacara says:

    how much was it ? iqot a regular anti ayebrow tearsdrops done but mi shit rejected ?

  19. thebodypiercer says:

    ….HMMM where do i start ….
    1: it took to long
    2: he didnt punch the skin when he was putting the dermal punch in.
    3: the first one is sitting too high he didnt put the dermal punch in deep enough.
    4: with the first one i dnt think he got all the “core out” thats y he had to take it out and place it back in.
    5: omg did u look to see if there was any blood vessels behind the placement of the 2nd dermal?

  20. Mspwettie says:

    too much blood!
    I’l bet U wanted to punch him real hard…

  21. LaurenSuave says:

    @klassclownzmuzik334 i had the “bull” one when i first got it..but its a curved barbell.

  22. klassclownzmuzik334 says:

    how do u get your seotum piercing like that & not sticking out like a bull? cause I want one, but I want mines to look like that!

  23. MORGANF025 says:

    took a long time, but its cute …… like u 🙂

  24. kimbahoward says:


  25. Tonloc402 says:

    omg i wld have killed that guy!

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