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Changing Belly Button Ring

Body jewelry

how to change a belly button ring and me being random :p

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  1. mspris1979 says:

    i have the same belly ring you have in at first!

  2. msEvanescence100 says:

    alot better than a wedding ring.

  3. thewweakash23 says:

    i like ur navel

  4. 4ursosorry says:

    hey kinkinikki4!!!!!!!
    was up??????
    i got a Q
    can u show a video of how cleaning ur belly
    button and changing and telling if it hurts when u get it done!!!!

  5. msrienne3d says:

    @nini8060 you should wait til your piercing is healed all the way, cause if you take it out now, it is more prone to infection. plus it will leave a nasty scar. but if you do take it out now, you need to keep cleaning it really really really good, even more than you did when you had the ring in

  6. KinKiNiKKi4 says:

    @Brunetteballerina9 1st = “yea ya know” by T.I. 2nd is “power” by Kanye West…. and thanks!

  7. Brunetteballerina9 says:

    what are the two songs in this video? love ur rings btw

  8. nini8060 says:

    @KinKiNiKKi4 Thank You :X

  9. KinKiNiKKi4 says:

    @nini8060 aw why dont you want your belly button pierced anymore?! just remember if you decide you want it again, it’ll hurt 2x worse re-piercing it because of the scar tissue. you can TRY to take it out yourself, but usually the balls are on pretty tight. as long as it’s currently not infected, you can take it out yourself and it’ll close up in a week or so, but it’ll leave a small hole

  10. nini8060 says:

    Hi , i got my belly piercing month ago but i dont wanna 2 have it any more but im not sure can i just take it out by myslef and leave it til th holes closed up or should i go 2 somewhre that doin th body piercing ? 🙁

  11. KinKiNiKKi4 says:

    @beenlovinmusic4ever my friend actually got it for me and ive never seen another one like it! you can prob find it on amazon or any online jewelry store… it had a red eye 🙂

  12. beenlovinmusic4ever says:

    I love your playboy belly ring! Where did you get it? an what color eye does it have? its sooooo cute!

  13. bellyfetishking says:

    wow, id love to lick that navel

  14. KinKiNiKKi4 says:

    @zeldalover258 i would not recommend doing a belly button piercing yourself, at all. you can hit a central nerve which can bleed a lot…. and its considered a surface piercing, youd have to grab a lot of skin (pro’s use those clamps to grab it)… if you did it yourself it will probably get infected. please get it done professionally. i know thats not what you want to hear but for your own health i ask you to do that.

  15. zeldalover258 says:

    ok if you had earpercing stuff to clean it would you be able to do it ur self ??

  16. KinKiNiKKi4 says:

    @zeldalover258 it didn’t hurt me at all. it does hurt some people. but i couldn’t feel anything, and i love mine. you should get it! but NOT at evolved!!!! i got mine at piercology here in columbus 🙂

  17. zeldalover258 says:

    when ever you got ur belly button donr did it hurt cause when i was in 7th grade i actually was soo closed to getting it on my own but would it hurt to get it done and oh i also live in columbus ohio which that kind of weird hahaha

  18. corey3791 says:

    The playboy bunny is cute, but I adore the figure 8 better.
    Cute tummy.

  19. TheMantsp says:

    Ombligo perfecto y hermoso!! hace un video solo del ombligo, sin el aro! bso

  20. ice5741 says:

    holy shit baby please text me!

  21. kaoss92 says:

    @KinKiNiKKi4 fair enough lol. im a guy but ive always thought piercings are difficult. too scared to get one.

  22. KinKiNiKKi4 says:

    @kaoss92 it doesnt usually get caught in your skin and when it does you cant even feel it! i dont know, it’s like being a parent… you just KNOW what to do haha :p its easy to change (obviously, even though i messed up it only took me 20 seconds). super duper easy. like putting in a regular earring.

  23. kaoss92 says:

    what happens when you slide it in and it gets caught under the skin? hurt much? is it hard to change? lol always amazed me cause it looks so hard to line up the holes.

  24. KinKiNiKKi4 says:

    @shararehxo when its fully healed which is about 6 months…… some people change theirs way sooner but i didnt want to take any chances. i got mine in November and changed it in May, just in time for swimming season!

  25. shararehxo says:

    How long did you have to wait before changing it?

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