Body jewelry

getting my lip pierced =]

Body jewelry

Wednesday September 2,2009 @ like 4 something hehe I’ve been wanting a tongue piercing for the longest. but i was too afraid of the pain, so instead i got my lip pierced =]

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  1. DLASHdeath says:

    WTF… u didn even finch

  2. Balrog1771 says:

    Pretty and nice

  3. 999ace999ify says:


  4. xDDEVENY says:

    it looks sick !
    i’ve been wanting to get a lip piercing for the longest time but my parents wont let me. LOL

  5. NightOfEternity says:

    i had my tongue pierced 3 days ago.. if you want it done get it 😛 it doesnt hurt as much as i thought it would.. (: i have the video on my account if you wanna watch .. (: x

  6. vampirechick177 says:


  7. DuMdUmLiCi0uS says:

    damn momma. that was quick. lol.

  8. midnighttemptress says:

    holy damn kairyn girl, i got scared for you! lmao.

  9. hyphybaby510 says:

    oh damn wifey

  10. shifter510 says:

    lol u got a stalker

  11. aknibaknib says:

    girl your soooooooo hot…:)

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