Body jewelry

Body Art 5/7

Body jewelry

Throughout history people in nearly every culture have gone to great lengths to decorate or alter the bodies they were born with. The reasons are as varied as the patterns and processes themselves: they seek to to define themselves and their positions in society, to declare their allegiance to a god or to a cause, to conform to the customs of their group, to shock or entertain, or simply to make themselves more beautiful. From body painting to piercing to scarification, from tattoos to plastic surgery, from the Bronze Age to the computer age, this film explores and celebrates the stunning diversity of Body Art.

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  1. MultiSwingLow says:

    Check out THESE tattoos! ht tp:// w fonts .tk
    This guy does some really cool stuff.

  2. cutenukkah says:

    i feel bad if the guy gets married to a horrible looking woman

  3. Proflutzn says:

    :35 is sooooo creepy

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