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Crafted Findings Riveting Tool

Body jewelry New! Interchangeable Piercing, Rivet and Eyelet Setting Tool by Crafted Findings

14 responses to “Crafted Findings Riveting Tool”

  1. lagniappe2005 says:

    I’m lusting after this tool. I have the page bookmarked and will probably succumb soon. Very cool! Thanks.

  2. CraftedFindings says:

    @CommentsSurvey Thank you for your positive comment, I guess that it is fitting that the music track is called “Positivity”. The 3D component parts were done in-house. The video done by Matt Harris.

  3. complik8td says:

    LOL @ dalediane1… my sentiments exactly! New toys!! Ha! WOW!!! What an amazing tool! I HAVE to have it! Thank you so much for the video!!

  4. CommentsSurvey says:

    What a great tool… makes me start thinking about all the things we could use rivets for. Plus you have used beautiful music… what is the name of the music, and who did your great video?

    Read about this video in Bead&ButtonMagazine which came to me by email. Thanks for posting! CatherineTodd2 at gmail dot com

  5. margretdzn says:

    @MSchindel this has got to be the BEST graphic demo of a tool I’ve seen, thank you!! I will buy because of this demo…..

  6. CraftedFindings says:

    @madman123f1 Yes, it is available in the UK. Palmer Metals Ltd. is currently carrying this tool. Tel: 0845 6449343

  7. madman123f1 says:

    Looks great. Is it available in the UK? So much easier than using a riveting hammer.

  8. BuddyBontheNet says:

    One of the best demo videos I’ve ever seen for a product I am interested in buying.

  9. CraftedFindings says:

    @MSchindel Thank you for your comment. We are very excited to present this video. With it, along with the how-to avaiiable on our website, it is so much easier to understand the tool’s operation.

  10. CraftedFindings says:

    @Chewbarka1 Thank you for the kind words. In addition to the 1/16″ diameter piercing station, and 1/16″ dia. rivet and eyelet setting stations. We are currently working on 3/32″ dia. components that interchange with this same tool.

  11. Chewbarka1 says:

    WOW this is Fantastic! The simplicity and ease of use will help me greatly in making my custom ID tags! Excellent Animation!!

  12. dalediane1 says:

    I love new toys, I mean tools…..

  13. kreathiva says:

    I want it !!!! Thanks for emailing this!!!

  14. MSchindel says:

    Wonderfully clear demo! Thanks for providing this.

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