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Future Weapons: Dragonskin Body Armour

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Extract from Discovery’s “Future Weapons”. Dragonskin is a new breed of bulletproof vests which offers protection from armour piercing rounds without hindering the wearers mobility. This video was uploaded by Kevlar Warehouse, supplier of clothing and equipment to the security industry. We sell a wide range of affordable body armour. Please visit our website

24 responses to “Future Weapons: Dragonskin Body Armour”

  1. Delta2099 says:

    @SliderX7 old comment, but if remember right the discussion turn into that guy referring that rifle as an M16 (20ich) which its not obviously is, and not the 16 inch AR15 which he’s probably holding.

  2. SliderX7 says:

    @Delta2099 The US issued M16 rifle barrel is actually 20in in length, not 16in. Either your source or your memory is mistaken.

  3. bahamabrz says:

    Ok, once Dragon Skin has been impacted by a bullet, has protection at that location on the vest been compromised? In other words, will a second bullet now penetrate?
    If so, then the disks at that location would need to be replaced, but I doubt whether
    there is any provision for doing so.

  4. ilboche says:

    @henkdeveroveraar you should never take TV programs seriously, for example this program is so pro american equipment and is really “optimistic”, jeje

  5. sgtcool5005 says:

    ima put my pocket protector on my dragonskin vest lol

  6. 1lt10160 says:

    Tech like this is not standard issue.

  7. mothrabattra says:

    If we have this armor plus the armor that hardens up when a bullet is fired why did so many soldiers die this year.

  8. henkdeveroveraar says:

    this show is contradicting itself. in some episodes they say the 556 cant pierce body armor or steel plates and still kill a person and in this episode they say that the 556 can pierce steel like its paper

  9. 08Dazza80 says:

    i think it would have no chance as the barret is just one hell of a gun so it will prob just go straight throw the armour but u never no…..

  10. 08Dazza80 says:

    one thing id love to no is what is the most powerfull round this armour can take like a barret 50. of corse it wont but there must be a bullet this can take with the less amount of damage done to the wearer… thats one thing id love to no but i dont think they would ever say besauce this armour is being used so it might put troops at risk

  11. ScizzayJ says:

    the dragon scale armour is bloody brilliant ive tried it on but its quite heavy though .what i want to see is how it fares againt the barret .50 caliber sniper rifle.

  12. dgl1962 says:

    Let’s see it stop 7.62 x 51 AP (.308).
    Soon we may have “thugs” kicking in our doors while wearing body armor,that’s when groin and headshots become effective.

  13. Unbentsuperpyro says:

    This armor kicks ass.

  14. RisingEmpireRF says:

    why he didnt shoot with AK at that body armor?

  15. tonylee1973 says:

    thank you Delta,.

  16. Delta2099 says:

    cause the longer the barrel the more power the bullet retains, and the shorter the barrel the more recoil you feel ,but its not something will noticed until your shotting 300 + yards shots.

  17. xXHaloNovaXx says:

    Delta2099 knows what hes talking about so lunchbox978 and prismflash just shut up unless you have some reserch on your hands and know what your actually talking about.

  18. supajero says:

    This armor is awsome i want a pair but its worth like 1000 dollers

  19. tonylee1973 says:

    okey an m4 fires the same round as an m-16. why would an m-16 have more power at close range? (I’m not a soldier guy but my buddy was a seal and took me shooting. I shot an m4 and sks)

  20. Delta2099 says:

    if you wanna get technical thats an 16 inch ar 15 not m4 14.5 you can say is the same thing because you play it in the video games but its not because ar 15 has extended barrel that makes 16″ which makes the same barrel size as m16 while m4 barrel its 14.5 or shorter. so probably he saying m16 because its the same size as of the barrel legal ar15 and you just need to enlist or if you in the military pay a little more attention.
    my sources:
    former Usmc

  21. conflictserum says:

    Well the sound is also edited, he wasnt talking as he was firing, just reading a script.

  22. prismflash says:

    you’re correct, LOL IT IS AN M4, because m4a1 is basically m16 with shorter barrel PUAHAHAHAA good eyes my man, good eyes

  23. dyingxmonkey says:

    wooohooo fresno 559 gyeah chiggah gyeah!!!!

  24. lunchbox978 says:

    (1:01) That’s an M4. Not an M16. Anyone who was in the military should know that. And he was supposedly a Navy SEAL or something like that?

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