Body jewelry

AG getting pierced

Body jewelry

AG got the nape of her neck pierced and since she couldn’t see it I filmed it for her 🙂 WARNING: video shows her skin getting pierced with a needle and there is some blood. Please do not watch if you can’t handle it.

25 responses to “AG getting pierced”

  1. SakuraHoruno18 says:

    why did AG want to get her neck pierced?

  2. TheAkatsukiOtaku says:

    Its something that i wouldn’t do but its your choice AG. Kinda looks painful and i got my ears pierced with one hole being new. Well sayonara!

  3. browniefrownie1 says:

    O, Man! Now she can see us on her neck! LOL! It looks like eye’s!

  4. KeiranIs2007 says:

    AG’s such an ‘ard nut. haha XD

  5. NumaNumaRiiko says:

    Oh….ow…I cringed through the whole thing. hell, I can’t even get my ears pierced without getting freaked out. o.o”

  6. FullmetalKunoichi35 says:

    Aahh! DX

  7. gattaluvsasuke says:

    AG oh my frecking god that looks like it hurts!

  8. CrossxAngel says:

    It looks great 🙂 cute n all but since its on your neck will people really see it that often? :/ (not dissing, or being a “smart ass” etc) I think its cute you did it, but I personaly wouldnt cuase I have long hair and I dont like cutting it short ><

  9. sasukeslover1992 says:

    did it hurt at all after it was done ?

  10. Willenscrawl229 says:

    You think he’s going to stop but he just KEEPS ON PRESSING THE NEEDLE INTO HER FLESH…
    remind me never to peirce anything. Not even my ears… DX
    takes some balls, AG, I’ll give you that much!!

  11. yannagirl123 says:

    that look soooooo painful

  12. SthichWTF says:

    Btw, love hers hair <3

  13. SthichWTF says:

    Wow, that’s was so freaking cool! 8”D GO AG!! 😀

  14. KibasUltimateFangirl says:

    What is the point of getting that pierced? Barely anyone is going to notice it. Its cool though…

  15. FallenAngel1800 says:

    oh my god that looks so painful…. but it looks epic nice work AG

  16. HOHNancy says:

    I noticed her piercer likes to touch her piercings…I know he was only straightening them out but he was touching them a lot. 🙂

  17. XOlivorX says:

    ah I almost fainted watching this but it looks really cool!

  18. LunaFox13 says:

    AG, it looks AWESOME! How did you decide to get your neck pierced, don’t get me wrong, it looks really good. Did it even hurt you, because you didn’t even say ow.

  19. aralibabi says:

    How much did it hurt?
    Was it just you Kolibri?
    Oh why did she get it pierced? I mean dont get me wrong it looks AWESOME! but is there a reason why she pierced it?

  20. TohruHondachan says:

    Lol kinda looks like he was trying to pop a pimple for a second there! Haha!

  21. stickmania12 says:

    you are brave AG go you

  22. 173sakura says:

    AG i looks awesome

  23. KibasUltimateFangirl says:

    now the back of my neck is hurting


  24. insideimmortal says:

    holy shiet it looks awersome…….seems to hurt….alot………

  25. KairiSkellington12 says:

    I like it when the red water comes out…… JK!

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