Body jewelry


Body jewelry

my second time to get another snakebite. 😀 afterChristmas Day. bwahahaaa


  1. bosstanaka88 says:

    i laughed after i got mine….not because i was trying to be “hardcore” but because before hand i was being a complete whuss, and when she finally pierced my lip it didn’t hurt at all so i giggled…yeah i’m lame

  2. rainbowlyrics12 says:

    @dandginthehouse I did mine myself. It’s just a pinch 🙂

  3. xSceneShawtyx says:

    @dandginthehouse oh boy. its just a pinch, hun. ^_^ just close your eyes and relax or hold ur friend’s hand. feel safe. and BAM. just a pinch ” oh it didnt hurt.” or “ouch.” thats it. :]

    in the video i said “…ow. -.-” lol

  4. dandginthehouse says:

    should i get mine done im a little nervous

  5. terrol1212 says:

    AHHHH! transvestite…

  6. can448 says:

    @bellahXDemo thats a girl dude lmfaoooo

  7. xSceneShawtyx says:

    @emosk8dgk yeeeyeee yeahhh!

    he just measured it and dot.. and check if i like it.
    then pierced it. 😀

  8. emosk8dgk says:

    damn he measured it and everything when i got mine done he just put a dot on my lip with a marker and did it lol

  9. xSceneShawtyx says:

    bulldog lifestyle in san jose.

  10. unreadableeyes says:

    Hey, gorgeous piercings 🙂 just wondering where you had them done?

  11. xSceneShawtyx says:

    @LizabixablesGamingAT because im a girl. i have a girl voice. duhh XD

  12. LizabixablesGamingAT says:

    Dude who the fuck can’t tell she’s a girl?

  13. MrBananaman09 says:

    omg your hair is peng…..^^)

  14. XgetlykemeeX says:

    He’s an amazing piercer. Sooo much more time preparing than actually piercing. Clean too.
    Are those dermals on yurr eyebrow??

  15. XgetlykemeeX says:

    He’s an amazing piercer! He took sooooooooooooo much more time preparing than actually piercing.
    and are those dermals on yurr eyebrow?

  16. JordanJuvenille says:

    girl, you are sexy as fuckk < 33

  17. pandazrock1457 says:

    You are really pretty:D

  18. iLoveNeoViperx3 says:

    😀 This shit looks badass 😀 <3

  19. xSceneShawtyx says:

    @bellahXDemo btw im a lesbian. i love dressing up guys but sometimes i wear it in public.

  20. xSceneShawtyx says:

    @bellahXDemo lol im a chick. i cut my hair cause it was damaged on the sides.

  21. bellahXDemo says:

    iz dat a chick o a dude?/ i think it a chick nor maybe a dike…

  22. tipyw says:

    awesome hair

  23. xSceneShawtyx says:

    @MyHelloKittyx hes a professional piercing. he sometimes used it. lots of people whos lip piercings and he sometimes didnt need one.

  24. xSceneShawtyx says:

    hahaha my random dance. lol thanks. i had my monroe but i got infected, i had my tongue, but i took it out because i had problem with food.So damn hungryyy. THAT WILL BE COOL IF UR PROFESSIONAL AT PIERCINGS. :]

  25. XxRawraKenzxX says:

    Yeah, I want snakebites really bad! I have my septum done and i’ve had my lip pierced and I did it myself and it didn’t hurt at all. I just numb my lip. But, i’m going to go to a professional this time. I also want either a monroe or angelbites. But, i’m not sure yet. BTw, your hair is cute. And, I love your random dance moves ^^

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