Body jewelry

My tattoo and piercings

Body jewelry


25 responses to “My tattoo and piercings”

  1. DeseraeDesolation says:

    I love your hair. <3
    And your makeup. TEACH ME HOW<3

  2. lilQTpie91892 says:

    Anthony green!! <3

  3. XoXdylanneXoX says:

    I actually have “everything happens for a reason” tattooed on my foot! lol, but that one you have it beautiful!

  4. HotchocolateSunshine says:

    Doll why ur video is so dark 🙁 I like the video!

  5. XRheaCurrieX says:

    @LiveLoveLaugh3008 Yeaax Its quite popularx

  6. musicluv2015 says:

    @LiveLoveLaugh3008 theyr called gauges

  7. samuel9ish says:

    Ur really hot

  8. LiveLoveLaugh3008 says:

    so there is like a hole in ur ear ?

  9. bmx7986 says:

    @itsokayimawhitebelt womanizer – britney spears

  10. XRheaCurrieX says:


  11. candyshopgirl2248 says:

    i also think everything happens for a reason

  12. xSoIntricate says:

    @ArielAruis 00 🙂

  13. ThePrettyMessedUp says:

    these are all the piercings i want to get. lip, belly & stretched ears 🙂

  14. ArielAruis says:

    what size are your stretched ears

  15. itsokayimawhitebelt says:

    What song is this?

  16. jameslevet says:

    @kirstynnboyes I’m from the states but I recently moved to Canada but apparently thats just what canadians call it. I’ve noticed it too lol

  17. LittleMissMakeup99 says:

    I love your videos! Your sooo pretty and amazing, as well as my favorite guru. I was wandering if you would do the boyfriend tag? I think that would be soooo cool!(; I wish you the best.

  18. splver12 says:

    3:40-3:43 you sounded like kesha! major compliment!

  19. technochick013 says:

    you’re so down to earth (: and georgeous !

  20. MindenRose95 says:

    Great tattoo ideas, your really pretty and i love your hair 🙂

  21. jaimecore says:

    @TheSuperMari15 Yeah, that’s normal.

  22. jaimecore says:

    I’m so sick of people asking “does so and so hurt?”
    Piercings are subjective, there fore asking someone else about their experience won’t accurately determine whether you will feel large amounts of pain or not. You might also have more or less tolerance to pain than the person you query.

  23. jazzy121907 says:

    how do u do u smokey eye

  24. XxBizzareBugxX says:

    @123123aseel shes 19 lol

  25. aadrienne2012 says:

    TheSuperMari15 dont clean it so much thats not normal .. and please dont play with it itll get worse … just let it heal actually when i stoped cleaning it mine got better !

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