Body jewelry

Jimmy gets his tongue pierced

Body jewelry

On random impulse, jimmy gets a tngue piercing. He consented for me to video it – yey!

25 responses to “Jimmy gets his tongue pierced”

  1. 1994brownie says:

    @lvel Steretyping much you sound asif your treatinggay people like a different species …..

  2. RyanlionGoesRawrr says:

    How much did it cost?

  3. TheNocturnalCannibal says:

    I already have snakebites and that didn’t hurt at all. Along with 00 gauges and. well other stuff. Do you think the tongue will hurt me? Cause even when I bite my tongue it hurts.

  4. ianmmoral1031 says:

    i like love his hair

  5. Fratnos says:

    Way more impressive than painful. The “screw balls” thing made me rofl

  6. tinky1616 says:

    jimmy is sexy!!!!

  7. moodygirl900 says:


  8. skittlequeeen says:

    Oh my god haahhahahaha XD
    It looked nasty
    but woah xD

  9. UrMoFoDoLlOnAsTrInG says:

    he’s hot 🙂

  10. DaShD0wN says:

    ouch…dont wanna see my face while watching this XDXD it hurts just seeing it ^^how is he able to smile

  11. lazuliketesh says:

    screw screw screw! LOL!

  12. xthatsxproperxcoolx says:

    pull up your jeans jimmy!
    it makes it look like your top is too short lol :]

  13. sexyhamcake says:

    love your hair!
    ya and thats the general reaction, iv had mine done and its doesnt hurt at all

  14. XXcHrIsXtiNeXX says:

    haha instead of crying he smiles wow that reminds me of my friend when she got her hips pierced.

  15. shay6ooonah says:

    oucH im feeling hurt for him x]

  16. Brittany3993 says:

    HaHa!!! That is hilarious!!!!!

  17. sweetnezbutterfly says:

    damn haha now i can’t wait to get mine
    XD it was fast …thats reassuring
    its cold n tastey lmao how cute

  18. DarkF13 says:

    yeaaaa i thought i would scream or so. i freaky loved it! yeaaa fucking awesome shit 😀 hehe

  19. babysunshine70 says:

    nice ayzz!!!!

  20. iXamXnotXaXmonster says:

    its cold and tastey…tahts the best part lol

  21. HOLLiiSTERHOE95 says:

    lmfao. “leave it out while i screw the ball on”

  22. xxrawritzbrandixx says:

    ;o woo.

  23. azche69 says:

    omg O.O so wow

  24. BilliamMathias says:

    omg that was amazing.
    close up would’ve been great.

  25. z0mB13g1r7 says:

    oooh jimmy is a hottie!!

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