Body jewelry

My gauges and piercings

Body jewelry

Pictures of my journey and experiences with gauging, and piercings. SONG BY ATTILA. I DO NOT OWN!

9 responses to “My gauges and piercings”

  1. PosiieeRosiiee says:

    you looked really hot with long hair 😉 just saying

  2. dttnjrs says:

    @pluglather There is a bit of history here 🙂 I’ve reached my goal though, no more stretching for me :p though, my friend Austin is at 1 1/2 🙂

  3. pluglather says:

    @dttnjrs bit of evolution there then from many small to one bigger. are you finished now or is more stretching to come?

  4. dttnjrs says:

    @pluglather good guess 🙂 this is actually over a 2-3 year span 🙂

  5. pluglather says:

    very interesting , but how much time are we looking at ? two years?

  6. Whispers069 says:

    i wish i could make a video of all my piercing experience’s but i don’t hardly have any pics 🙁

  7. dttnjrs says:

    @Ely1240 aha :)) Thank you! :p

  8. Ely1240 says:

    I think that’s amazing too…. Wow dude I want thoughs piercings now 🙂

  9. CaitlynAlise2011 says:

    this is awesome 😀 most girls would think its gross but i definitely dontt xD

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