Body jewelry

Getting tongue done!

March 30th, 2011

My friend and I decided to get a piercing she got her tongue!

“My Runaway Love” A (Justin Bieber) Love Story c5

March 29th, 2011

OKAII MY BRO SLIPED ME LIKE WAT FIVE MONSTER ENERGY DRINKS CAUSE WE WERE BORED AND WANTED TO GET HYPER SO NOW WERE HYPERRR LOL *THE STORY* (AT THE PARTY) shanelle’s swimsuit: her piercing: jenny’s swimsuit: her piercing: jenny:great you decided to wear that one today shanelle:*laughs*wats the differecne jenny:just justin might seem to be even more attracted to you shanelle:*laughs*he wont even notice it jenny:Hmm trun around hun shanelle:*truns around and see’s justin and ryan*well hello there Bieber Boy thought you had plans justin:yeah well theres this girl named shanelle who actually changed my mind heard she was going to be in a swim suit which sounded really hot which is shanelle:haha real funny Bieber Boy but my boyfriend james yeah remeber him will be here any sec so stop the flirting justin:oh like you arent liking it shanelle:who is said i wasnt*jumps in the pool* jenny:wow! ryan:*does his handshake with justin* jenny:you guys are so going to be hooking up later justin:yeah i hope she knows that shanelle:*in the pool*wats the probulem Bieber Boy scared of alittle water justin:ha got jokes eh? shanelle:yeah this one is part of it*pulls him in the pool* ryan:say jen jenny:huh? ryan:incomng jenny:wat does that mean? ryan:this*pushes her in the pool then jumps in* jenny:*moves her hair out of her face*i am so going to get you for that ryan:if you can catch me*starts swiming* justin:so you think your

Jimmy gets his tongue pierced

March 29th, 2011

On random impulse, jimmy gets a tngue piercing. He consented for me to video it – yey!